Guatemala Subject Data Spreadsheet

In order to specifically identify the number of individuals involved in the research, and better understand what happened to them, the nearly 10,000 pages from the Cutler Documents were read and analyzed with a particular focus on information about individual research subjects. Commission staff created a Subject Data Spreadsheet made up of individual subject information from these records. Data was transcribed exactly as it appeared (e.g., acronyms were not written out) unless the data was in Spanish, in which case a translation appears in brackets. Any clarifying information from the staff also appears in brackets.

After completion of the Subject Data Spreadsheet, the staff redacted the names of the subjects involved and gave them each a unique “PCSBI #.” The “Source” column represents the name given to the individual documents either originally or by NARA. The “PCSBI HSPI Archives Bates #” is the unique number Commission staff gave to each page of their archives for reference purposes.

For additional information please see “Appendix IV: Subject Database Methods”.

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