Commission Chair Amy Gutmann Pens Essay "We Need To Unlock the Brain’s Secrets—Ethically" for Scientific American

March 26, 2015

In conjunction with the March 26, 2015 release of the Bioethics Commission report Gray Matters: Topics at the Intersection of Neuroscience, Ethics and Society, Commission Chair Amy Gutmann discusses three critical areas in neuroscience that require ethical consideration: cognitive enhancement, consent capacity, and neuroscience and the legal system.

“To ensure that modern brain science both serves the public good and gains the public’s support, we must thoughtfully tackle the most challenging ethical questions surrounding it. Only if we strongly support neuroscientists and bioethicists working collaboratively together can we expect them to answer these difficult questions and put the unlocked secrets of the human brain to the most ethical and beneficial use,” Gutmann writes.

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Scientific American

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