Privacy in Privacy and Progress in Whole Genome Sequencing

Learning Objectives

Students should be able to:

1. Describe the privacy concerns related to whole genome sequencing.

2. Describe the ethical principles involved in reconciling privacy and progress in whole genome sequencing.

3. Describe the legal and policy considerations associated with protecting the privacy of individuals who contribute whole genome sequencing data and information.


Download module here.

Download the Background module on privacy here.

Listen to "Episode 4: Privacy and Progress", an episode of Ethically Sounda podcast of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.


Ethically Sound Episodes

The Bioethics Commission has launched a new podcast series entitled Ethically Sound.  

Each podcast is playable direct online from the link(s) below or from SoundCloud, iTunes or the Ethically Sound Playlist on Youtube.  Follow the hashtag #EthicallySound for launch announcements.

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Privacy & Progress

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New Directions

Moral Science

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Bioethics for Every Generation

Charting a Path Forward

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