Media Coverage of Genomics


The Hastings Center - 5/10/2013

"Found Your DNA on the Web: Reconciling Privacy and Progress"

Dr. Amy Gutmann, Dr. James W. Wagner


Science Magazine - 3/1/2013

"Data Re-Identification: Prioritize Privacy"

Dr. Amy Gutmann


Reuters - 10/11/12

"Privacy and whole genome sequencing"

Dr. Amy Gutmann


USA Today- 10/11/12

"Panel: Protect patients who use whole genome sequencing"

Janice Lloyd


Associated Press - 10/11/12

"Bioethics Panel Urges More Gene Privacy Protection"

Lauran Neergaard


Reuters - 10/11/12

"Citing privacy concerns, U.S. Panel urges end to secret DNA testing"

Sharon Begley


Nature- 10/11/12

"US ethics panel reports on DNA sequencing and privacy"

Monya Baker


Science - 10/11/12

"President's Ethics Panel Urges New Protections for Whole Genome Data"

Jocelyn Kaiser


Genome Web – 8/3/2012

"White House Bioethics Commission Unveils Draft of Genomic Privacy Policies"

Matt Jones


Genome Web – 2/28/2011

White House Commission Eyes Genomics Issues

 Matt Jones


The Hastings Center – 2/28/2011

Erik Parens Speaks About Behavioral Genetics at Meeting of Presidential Bioethics Commission




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