Media Coverage of STD Research in Guatemala from 1946 to 1948


Hastings Center Report - 8/2013

"Public Health Service Research in Guatemala: Toward New Scholarhip"

Kayte Spector-Bagdady


Hastings Center Report - 11/15/2012

"Ethically Impossible: New Educational Tools"

Paul Lombardo


Hastings Center Report - 10/2/2013

"New Bioethics Education Resources: Read about Them Here; Find Them When the Government Shutdown Is Over"

Susan Gilbert


BMJ – 9/19/2011

Guatemala study researchers tried to keep information secret, new report shows

Janice Hopkins Tanne


New York Times - 9/14/2011

Lapses by American Leaders Seen in Syphilis Tests

Donald G. McNeil Jr.


Financial Times – 9/13/2011

US clinical trials on Guatemalans 'violations'

Andrew Jack


The Economist – 9/6/2011

The past rears its ugly head



CNN – 9/1/2011

Researchers infected Guatemalans with STDs, commission affirms

CNN Wire Staff


BBC – 9/1/2011

Guatemala STD tests 'may have infected 2,500


New York Times – 8/31/2011

Panel Hears Grim Details of V.D. Test on Inmates

Donald G. McNeil, Jr.


ABC News – 8/30/2011

Syphilis Experiments Shock, But So Do Third World Drug Trials

Susan Donaldson James


BBC – 8/30/2011

US scientists 'knew Guatemala syphilis tests unethical


AP – 8/29/2011

Panel reveals new details of 1940's experiment

Mike Stobbe


Reuters – 8/29/2011

U.S. to shed light on Guatemala syphilis experiment

Alina Selyukh


Reuters – 8/29/2011

UPDATE 3-US researchers broke rules in Guatemala syphilis study

Alina Selyukh


American Morning – 3/2/2011

Preventing unethical health experiments in the U.S.

Rebecca Hillman


AFP – 3/1/2011

Guatemala STD study was 'wrong': US panel


AP – 3/1/2011

Panel told no guarantee against unethical research


AP – 2/25/2011

AP IMPACT: Past medical testing on humans revealed

Mike Stobbe


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