TRANSCRIPT: Meeting Six, Concluding Remarks


August 30, 2011


Washington, DC


Amy Gutmann, Ph.D.

Commission Chair

James Wagner, Ph.D.

Commission Vice-Chair

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DR. GUTMANN:  So, on behalf of Jim Wagner and

  myself, I want to thank all of our speakers and

  everybody who attended today's and yesterday's

  meetings, who have given their time, their energy, and

  their thoughtfulness.

            We have taken questions as they have come up.

  But I should urge you, because it's really important to

  us, that we welcome questions between our meetings, or

  comments between our meetings, as well.  You can go to

  our website,, to submit your comments.

            Let me just remind us all of the President's

  charge, which is to assure him that the current rules

  and international standards adequately guard the health

  and well-being of participants in scientific studies

  funded by the government, and also to make

  recommendations to the extent that they do not.  This

  demands that we consider basic ethical principles,

  following careful deliberation and evidence-gathering.

  We will continue to do that.

            I believe that with the kinds of presentations

  and discussions we had yesterday and today, we are well

  on our way to fulfilling our charge.  We look forward

  to another meeting in November, and then we hope, by

  the end of December, to issue a report on this.

            Thank you again, everyone.  I also want to

  thank my fellow commission members, all of whom got

  here today.  Alex could not be here because of a

  meeting, a prior meeting.  But we are very pleased that

  Hurricane Irene came and went and didn't do

  more -- although it did a lot of devastation, and we

  really feel for our fellow citizens who are still

  dealing with that devastation.

            In any case, thank you all for being here, and

  we will see you again.

            DR. WAGNER:  And thank you for your

  leadership, also.

            DR. GUTMANN:  Oh, thank you.


            (Whereupon, at 2:13 p.m., the meeting was




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