Media Coverage of Incidental Findings


Science Magazine-12/12/2013

"The Bioethics Commission on Incidental Findings"

Dr. Amy Gutmann


NBC News-1/8/2014

"Unexpected diagnosis: some medical tests may be harmful to your health"

Maggie Fox


"Incidental findings: expect to find the unexpected"

Kierra Jones


Los Angeles Times-12/12/2013

"Bioethics panel offers guidelines for 'incidental findings'"

Melissa Healy


Associated Press-12/12/2013 

"Medical Test Suprises: What Should You Be Told?"



Scientific American-12/12/2013 

Dina Fine Maron 


The Atlantic-12/12/2013 

"Medicine's Problem of 'Incidental Findings'"

Danielle Ofri 



"Medics Should Plan ahead for Incidental Findings"

Eika Check Hayden 


The Scientist-12/12/2013 

"The Right to Know - or Not"

Tracy Vence  


The Philadelphia Tribune-8/26/2013

"The new frontier: Bioethics in health care"

Glenn Ellis


Penn Current-8/20/2013 

"Presidential Bioethical Commission meets at Penn"

Laura Cavender 


The Daily Pennsylvanian-8/20/2013 

"Ethical issues at intersection of bio and tech"

Brenda Wang



"IRB-Approved Plan for Incidental Findings Recommend by Bioethics Panel Workgroup"

Jeannie Baumann



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