Media Coverage of Neuroscience and Related Ethical Issues

Scientific American- 3/26/2015

We Need To Unlock the Brain’s Secrets—Ethically

Dr. Amy Gutmann


Annals of Neurology- 3/26/2015

Advancing Ethical Neuroscience

Dr. Stephen L. Hauser


BioEdge- 5/2/2015

"Nita Farahany: Neuroscience and the law"

Xavier Symons


Bioethics Forum- 4/20/2015

"Federal Recommendations on Use of Cognitive Enhancers"

Susan Gilbert


The Psychologist- 4/2015

"Neuroscience on trial"

Ella Rhodes


Motherboard- 4/15/2015

"Should Our Brains Count as Courtroom Evidence?"

Kamala Kelkar


The Atlantic- 4/7/2015

"Setting Limits for Testing Brains"

Cari Romm


Pacific Standard- 3/30/2015

"How Courts Use Neuroscience"

Francie Diep


Business Insider- 3/26/2015

We’re learning more about the brain then we’ve ever known before, but that raises three serious ethical questions

Kevin Loria


Live Science- 3/26/2015

Are Smart Pills & Brain Zapping Risky? Bioethicists Weigh In

Tanya Lewis


Consortium of Social Science Associations- 10/6/2014

"White House Hosts Conference on BRAIN Initiative"


The Chronicle of Higher Education- 5/14/2014

"Using Our Brains"

Dr. Amy Gutmann


Annals of Neurology - 5/19/2014

"What Ethics Integration Looks Like in Neuroscience Research"

Dr. Stephen L. Hauser


The Scientist-5/14/2014

"Minding Research Ethics"

Tracy Vence



"Ethical Standards for Brain Research Set by Obama’s Commission"

Sonali Basak


Agence France Presse-5/14/2014

"U.S. experts urge focus on ethics in brain research"

Kerry Sheridan


Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News-5/14/2014

"White House Panel: Integrate Ethics into Neuroscience Research"

Alex Philippidis


The Hill-5/14/2014

"Bioethicists warn BRAIN Initiative against repeating past mistakes"

Ferdous Al-Faruque



"U.S. BRAIN Initiative Gets Ethical Advice"

Emily Underwood


Nuff' Said (Nuffield Council on Bioethics Blog)-5/14/2014

"Neuroscience and ethics goes global"

Hugh Whittall


News Works-8/19/2013

"Philadelphia bioethics meeting tackles implanted memories and other thorny issues"

Zack Seward


The Chronicle of Higher Education-8/21/2013

"As Brain Research Expands, It May Not Need Major Ethical Overhaul"

Paul Basken


Penn Current-8/20/2013 

"Presidential Bioethical Commission meets at Penn"

Laura Cavender


The Daily Pennsylvanian-8/20/2013 

"Ethical issues at intersection of bio and tech"

Brenda Wang


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