Luis Lopez Dávila, M.D.

Luis López Dávila sits on the Board of Directors for the Latin-American Forum of Committees for Ethical Research in Health and is a member of the advisory committee of the UNESCO REDBIOETICA. He is a Faculty member at the Medical School in the University of San Carlos (USAC) and a member of the research ethics committee of the USAC. He also served as a clinical trials assessor for the Guatemalan Ministry of Health, an editor for the Center for Health Science Research Magazine, and a legal representative for the Oxlajuj N'oj Foundation. Since 2009, he has been General Coordinator of the Cochrane Collaboration Guatemala Center.

A specialist in population studies and bioethics, Dr. López received a Fogarty research grant and studied at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City as well as at the Latin-American Academy for Social Science’s regional headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. More recently, in 2008, he served as a representative of his native country, Guatemala, at the Pan-American Health Organization’s Leaders in International Health Conference. In 2009, he received an Excellence in Research Award from USAC’s Directorate of Research.

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