TRANSCRIPT: Meeting 3, Concluding Remarks


November 17, 2010


Atlanta, Ga.


Amy Gutmann, Ph.D.
Commission Chair

James W. Wagner, Ph.D.
Commission Vice Chair



Amy Gutmann:
And thank you, everybody in the public audience for being here with us. As you have seen and heard, we as a Commission have deliberated in public. We will, no doubt, have revised, with the help of our wonderful staff, our recommendations, and we will revise the report accordingly and I want, on behalf of the Commission, to thank Valerie Bonham and our staff for really making this possible.
We have concluded our public deliberations on synthetic biology. Our work in the next several days and weeks will be to conclude our report. This has been really a truly informative and edifying discussion for us. We have furiously been revising as we speak — the staff has been helping us revise and there will be clear, I think, clear improvements we will say, now, as we will undoubtedly be implicit in our report that all of the mistakes will be ours. But the thanks to those who have helped us to really achieve greater clarity and precision about our audience, about the recommendations and to whom they’re directed and will also make sure that our discussion is more fulsome about the objections and concerns about synthetic biology as well as about the benefits and risks. So I think we’ve made a lot of progress.
Finally, as far as I’m concerned, my thanks go to Jim and to Emory and to Atlanta for hosting this session and with that, Jim, I turn it over to you.
Jim Wagner:
You’ve covered all the bases and they are about thanks. Thanks for the deliberation of this group. I’m very pleased that we are close to delivering a product built in this principle of prudent vigilance that it is recommending action as the best way, not only to advance the technology and science but to ensure its safety and security and morality. And we’ve learned, from microphone sessions, but also from mingling with the group here about their cautions: That we be specific to make sure there’s action that comes out of this. That we be clear about the scope of what it is with which we have engaged and that there be ongoing engagement over this topic, well beyond the issuance of the report. It is a great pleasure to be working with you, Amy and with the entire Commission. Thank you all.

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