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Welcome and Announcements


CHAIRMAN PELLEGRINO:  Good morning, this is one to signal for those who are finishing their coffee that the time has come to begin the meeting.  We like to begin on time in deference to our speakers, so they may address you fully.  Good morning, if other members of the Council will come in, we have a few more to go.

Good morning.  Thank you, Alfonso, we're waiting for you.  Good morning, welcome to the 25th meeting of the President's Council on Bioethics.  My first official task which is required each meeting is to note the presence of Dan Davis, Dr. Dan Davis, the Executive Director of the Council.  He's everybody's boss, including mine and he is the official government representative and, therefore, that gives the meeting its official status. 

I want to welcome also a new council member, Dr. Carl Schneider, Professor Schneider, who is Chauncey Stillman Professor for Ethics, Morality and the Practice of Law at the University of Michigan.  In keeping with our custom, we do not go into long introductions because the accomplishments of all those around the table and the speakers far exceed any time we might have available to us in one and a half days.  So I hope they'll forgive me for this modesty and it's no attempt to downgrade their accomplishments, I assure you. 

I also want to introduce two members of our research staff who have just joined the council, Sam Crowe, who is a policy analyst and Alan Rubinstein, who is a research analyst.  Would those gentlemen just stand so members of the Council — oh, they're coming in.  They're coming in together.  It's not the Marx Brothers.  They don't have enough hair. 

I would like also to indicate to you that the Council has seven interns for the summer who work with various members of the research staff, and perhaps they will be kind enough just to stand briefly so we can see you and thank you very, very much.  These young interns come from various universities around the country and we're delighted to have them.  We're also pleased to have with us a medical student from Georgetown, Paul Hutchison, who has spent a few hours with me in tutorial but I assure you he's still in good health.  Paul, thank you very much. 

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