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June 12-13, 2003
Meeting Agenda

Wyndham Hotel
1400 M Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20005
(202) 429-1700



9:00 am Session 1:   Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine:
Overcoming Immune Rejection (Current State of Research)

Silviu Itescu, M.D., Assistant Professor,
Division of Surgical Science,
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons; Director, Transplantation Immunology,
Department of Surgery, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

10:30 am Break

10:45 am     Session 2:  Medicalization: Its Nature, Causes, and Consequences

Discussion of a correspondence between Paul McHugh, M.D. and Leon R. Kass, M.D.

12:15 pm Lunch

2:00 pm

Session 3:   Biotechnology & Public Policy: Public Participation Panel I (Assisted Reproduction and Reproductive Genetics)

Pamela Madsen, Executive Director,
American Infertility Association

Mary Mahowald, Ph.D.,
Professor of the Committee on Genetics,
University of Chicago

Robert G. Brzyski, M.D., Ph.D., President,
Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

Kathy Hudson, Ph.D., Director
Genetics and Public Policy Center

David H. Smith, Ph.D., Director,
The Poynter Center, Indiana University-Bloomington


3:30 pm Break

3:45 pm Session 4:  Biotechnology & Public Policy:
Public Participation Panel II
(Embryo and Related Research)

Michael Manganiello, President, Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research

Richard M. Doerflinger, Deputy Dir., Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities, U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference

Maxine F. Singer, Ph.D., Chair, Committees on Science, Engineering, & Public Policy, Natl. Academies

Michael J. Werner, Esq., Vice President-Bioethics, Biotechnology Industry Organization

Andrew Kimbrell, Esq., Exec. Dir., International Center for Technology Assessment

William Kristol, Chairman, The Bioethics Project

5:15 pm Adjournment

FRIDAY, June 13

8:30 am

Session 5:  Session 5: Biotechnology & Public Policy: Discussion Document on the U.S. Regulatory Landscape:
Part I (ART, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)

Power to Initiate Human Life by Artificial Means
Power to Screen and Select for Genetic Traits and     Conditions

10:00 am Break

10:15 am Session 6:   Biotechnology & Public Policy:
Discussion Document on the U.S. Regulatory Landscape:
Part II (Genetic Engineering, Embryo Research, Commodification)

Power to Modify Traits and Characteristics
Power to Observe and Manipulate Nascent Human Life In     Vitro for Purposes of Research
Commerce and Commodification

11:30 am Session 7: Public Comments

12:30 pm Adjournment

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