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Welcome and Announcements

CHAIRMAN PELLEGRINO:  Welcome to the 24th meeting of the President's Council.  We're delighted to have you here, and I want to welcome members of the public as well, particularly Rachel Fink from Mount Holyoke and her students.  Welcome.  It's good to have you with us.

I want to recognize officially the presence of Dr. Dan Davis, the Council's Executive Director and the Designated Federal Officer.  His presence gives us a legal standing of some kind.  I'm not sure, Dan, just how secure it is, but —

DR. DAVIS:  Rather flimsy, I'm sure, but —

CHAIRMAN PELLEGRINO:  Well, it's good to have you here.  Thank you very much.

I also have the great pleasure this morning to introduce two new members of the Council.  In keeping with our customary approach, we do not give long and lengthy biographical recitations, but Dr. Bloom, Floyd Bloom, to my right is from California, and he's Professor Emeritus in the Molecular Integrative Neuroscience Department of the Scripps Research Institute and Chairman of Neurome, Incorporated.

I also want to welcome Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt on my left, of the District of Columbia, who holds the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute.

Both of these gentlemen have, as you would anticipate, impressive curricula.  They've contributed to their fields.  We're delighted to have them with us.  Their full resumes you will find on the Council's Website, and I urge you to look at them and to acquaint yourself with some of their accomplishments.

This morning we will be picking up a new topic for the Council.  This afternoon and tomorrow we will move to a continuation of the discussion we've been having on children and children's research.  This morning's sessions will focus on the discussion of organ procurement and transplantation.

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