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Monitoring Stem Cell Research

The President's Council on Bioethics
Washington, D.C., January 2004




Detailed Table of Contents

1   Introduction   

I. What Are Stem Cells, and Why Is There Contention About Them? 
II. Broader Ethical Concerns
III. Types of Stem Cells: An Introduction
IV. Terminology
V. About the Report

2   Current Federal Law and Policy                                           

I. A Brief History of the Embryo Research Funding Debate
II. The Present Policy
III. Moral Foundation of the Policy
IV. The Significance of Federal Funding
V. Implementation of the Present Policy
VI. Conclusion

3   Recent Developments in the Ethical and Policy Debate                               

I. The Nature of the Moral Argument
II. The Moral Aims of Policy
III. The Character of the Policy
IV. The Moral Standing of the Human Embryo
V. Societal Significance and Public Responsibility
VI. Conclusion

4   Recent Developments in Stem Cell Research and Therapy                                                               

I. Stem Cells and their Derivatives
II. Reproducible Results Using Stem Cell Preparations and their Derivatives
III. Major Examples of Human Stem Cells
IV. Basic Research Using Human Stem Cells
V. Human Stem Cells and Treatment of Disease
VI. Private Sector Activity
VII. Preliminary Conclusions



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