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Daniel Foster, M.D.

Floyd E. Bloom, M.D.

Council Member

Floyd E. Bloom was until March 2005, Chairman of the Department of Neuropharmacology at the Scripps Research Institute. He is currently professor emeritus in the Molecular and Integrative Neuroscience Department at TSRI, and the founding CEO and board chairman of Neurome, Inc. He previously was Director of Behavioral Neurobiology at the Salk Institute and Chief of the Laboratory of Neuropharmacology of NIMH.

He has received numerous awards, including the Pasarow Award in Neuropsychiatry and the Hermann van Helmholtz Award, the Sarnat Award for Mental Health Research, as well as a number of honorary degrees from major universities. He was the editor-in-chief of Science magazine from 1995 to 2000.

Dr. Bloom was born in Minneapolis, Minn., in 1936. He attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where he received an AB degree cum laude and then an MD degree, cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis, Mo.

He is a member of the National Academy of Science (1977), The Institute of Medicine (1982), The American Philosophical Society (1989) and the Royal Swedish Academy of Science (1989).

Dr. Bloom has authored or co-authored a total of 32 books and monographs, 415 original research articles, 256 solicited articles and reviews, 59 editorials, and more than 300 abstracts.






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