Sunday, October 19, 1997, 7:30 am - 3:30 pm

9000 Rockville Pike, Building 31

6th Floor, Conference Room 9

Bethesda, Maryland 20892





7:30 am


Thomas Murray, Ph.D., Subcommittee Chair


7:40 am

Report on Mini-Hearings: Hawaii and San Francisco

James Wells, Ph.D., Ms. Henrietta Hyatt Knorr, and Mr. Sean Simon


8:40 am

The Ongoing Debate About Stored Tissue Samples and Informed Consent

Robert Weir, Ph.D., University of Iowa


8:55 am


Subcommittee Members


9:05 am

Framework for Discussion

Ezekiel J. Emanuel, M.D., Ph.D.


9:30 am

Coffee Break


9:45 am

Ethical Issues and Tissue Samples

Subcommittee Members


11:00 am

Statements by the Public


11:30 am

Joint Session of the Subcommittees**

1:30 pm

Possible Recommendations/Policies on the Tissue Samples Issue

Subcommittee Members


3:15 pm

Next Steps

Thomas Murray, Ph.D.


3:30 pm



* Assigned times are approximate.

** See separate agenda.