Multimedia and Performing Arts Guidelines

In addition to these category-specific guidelines all submissions must follow the General Submission Guidelines and complete a submission form.

This category is intended to permit a wide range of creative submissions from those using digital or other media (e.g., videos) and those involving live performance (music, dance, acting) or spoken word (poetry, prose, monologue). These examples are not intended to be an exhaustive list of the types of projects that might be submitted.

Submissions in this category may involve a single form non-text medium or can involve more than one form of media or combinations of digital media and text in any single project.

See the specific guidelines for Video Submissions if you choose to work in the video format.

PLEASE NOTE: All performing arts submissions must be accompanied by a video of the performance for review by the Showcase Team and by Showcase judges in advance of the actual event.  The submission will not be judged based on the quality of the video; the video serves only to document the performance so that it can be reviewed prior to the actual Showcase event.


Students who have questions about a project idea should contact Laura Bishop, Head of Academic Programs, Kennedy Institute of Ethics at or 202-687-3638.


Students who have connections with the Department of Theater and Performing Arts may benefit from working with one of their professors in that Department.  Students may also benefit from working with staff in the Gelardin New Media Center, 1st Floor of Lauinger Library.

See the “Looking for Some Inspiration” section on the Resources page of the Bioethics Showcase website.

General Submission Guidelines

Judging Criteria