Journalism Article Guidelines

In addition to these category-specific guidelines all submissions must follow the General Submission Guidelines and complete a submission form.

Journalism articles submitted to the Bioethics showcase should:

  • Be double spaced
  • Op-Ed Pieces: 400-800 words
  • Articles: 800-1200 words
  • “Special Reports” can be up to 2,000 words (more like magazine articles)

Use your own training, but if you want some tips on how to approach a story:

Basic story structure:

  • Intros/Leads – a few different kinds.  The summary intro addresses the 5 Ws – Who?  What?  When?  Where?  Why?  The wrap intro pulls together several pieces of information about related events or themes.  It looks at the big picture.  The analysis intro states an argument or comes to a conclusion.  The feature intro is anecdotal or narrative and sets the scene.
  • Be sure that you answer the question, so what?  Assume the reader is new to the story, what is the context?  Is this a change in trend?  What is at stake? Explain why you are doing this story. [These questions are sometimes referred to as the “nut graph” in journalism.]
  • Sourcing – tell the reader how you know what you know and when you obtained the information.  Use quotes and data.
  • Quotes – should be used to add news analysis or color.  They should help move the story along.

Other things to think about:

  • Grow the story – expand on the items, events, data, and themes in your intro sequentially.  Write subheadings to use as building blocks.  Focus on forward-looking analysis.
  • Reread for accuracy and fairness

Criteria adapted from the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Reuters.

For more information on reporting and writing basics –

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