General Submission Guidelines

These general guidelines apply to all categories of submissions. Please view the category of your work to view category-specific guidelines: Academic PaperBusiness PlanJournalism ArticleLiterature/Literary AnalysisMultimedia and Performing ArtsPolicy ProposalPoster or Video. You must also complete a Submission Form to accompany your work.

General Content Requirements:

Only students who are current Georgetown undergraduates may submit projects to the Bioethics Research Showcase.

All submissions must address a bioethical issue or concern.  For general information about bioethics and some ideas about key ethical concerns and topics, go to the page of this website “What is Bioethics?

The submitter may choose any submission format he or she wishes. No particular submission format is required based on the student’s major or school.

General Submission Deadlines:

Deadline for Submissions in all formats is March 30, 2015 at midnight (12:00 am).

All students submitting to the Bioethics Showcase must complete a submission form that includes either a 300 word (approximately) abstract OR a 300 word (approximately) artist’s statement that describes your work.  The remainder of the submission form asks for basic contact information and basic details about your major/minor and year at Georgetown.

  • Papers, Posters, Business Plans, Public Policy and Journalism Submissions can be submitted via attachment to the submission form by 12 midnight (12:00 am) on March 30, 2015.
  • Videos, Multimedia, Performance Art, and other should be uploaded as a private video to YouTube by 12 midnight (12:00 am) on March 30, 2015 and the URL for the video included in the submission form.  Be sure to note that multimedia projects and any forms of theater or performing arts submissions must be accompanied by a video to record the project or performance for review prior to the Showcase.  The submission will not be judged on the quality of the video but the quality must be sufficient for review.

Judging Criteria:

Judging Criteria are available for you to review on this page.

Bioethics Research Showcase Online Gallery & Digital Georgetown

Students will retain rights to their own works but must agree to permit the inclusion of their submission to the Bioethics Research Showcase in the Bioethics Research Showcase Online Gallery and in Digital Georgetown (where possible to include the work in those collections). Students submitting videos must agree to leave their videos as privately posted videos on YouTube for two years following the conclusion of the Showcase in which they submit.


Students who have questions about a project idea should contact Laura Bishop, Head of Academic Programs, Kennedy Institute of Ethics at or 202-687-3638.