Business Plan Guidelines

In addition to these category-specific guidelines all submissions must follow the General Submission Guidelines and complete a submission form.

Business Plans submitted to the Bioethics Research Showcase should:

Be no more than 25 pages and include the indicated sections below:

A. Executive Summary:

  • should clearly state and explain the bioethics issue or concern to which you are responding
  • should provide a high level overview and summary of your plan to address the issue

B. Expertise:

  • should state the particular knowledge, skills, ability that you offer to meet the challenge
  • if you are assembling a team to meet the challenge, be sure to list the knowledge assets each person on the team brings to the challenge.

C. Situation Analysis or Market Analysis:

  • should show that you have researched what has been done before to meet the challenge and what the strengths and weaknesses of those earlier efforts were
  • should state what strategies you will use to address and move beyond these imperfect solutions

D. Financial Projections:

  • should provide careful statement and explanation of the costs of your proposed approach to the bioethics issue or problem
  • should also indicate how those funding dollars can be acquired; if you are proposing to use government (federal or state) funds or to reallocate government (federal or state) funds, please describe a realistic approach to this budget and explain why you think the government ought to and will make that allocation

E. Appendix:

  • any additional supporting documents or explanations

F. Bibliography:

  • list sources used in research and in creating business plan
  • use the reference format appropriate to your field

General Submission Guidelines

Judging Criteria