Academic Paper Guidelines

In addition to these category-specific guidelines all submissions must follow the General Submission Guidelines and complete a submission form.

Academic Papers submitted to the Bioethics Research Showcase should:

  • Be double-spaced
  • Be between 7-15 pages in length (roughly 3000-6000 words)


  • Follow the academic traditions of your field in terms of content and style of writing, since the goal is that you should be able to submit this paper to an undergraduate journal in your field.
  • Use guidelines for content and style of writing appropriate to the academic discipline in which you are working


  • Please acknowledge any sources that you used for research, especially those from which you quote.
  • References should be provided using the reference format appropriate to your field.
  • If you don’t know which reference format to use, ask your mentor or advisor.

Lauinger Library offers citation tools at

General Submission Guidelines

Judging Criteria