Details for Student Submitters

Will my work be displayed in the Showcase?


All submissions are accepted for the Showcase.  Some submissions will be specially recognized as being excellent in their content.



How will my work be displayed?


    1. List of Showcase submissions (including abstract or artist’s statement)
    2. KIE-created posters for written submissions
    3. KIE-created PowerPoint presentation highlighting the submitter, general details about the submission itself, and the work’s ethical argument/position
    4. Display copy of each written submission in an individual binder during all Gallery events during the Showcase


Will I have the opportunity to present my work? 


The Gallery Showcase Reception on April 15, 2015 from 5:15-6:00 PM is specifically designated for student submitters to discuss their work with gallery attendees and judges. You are invited to bring several copies of your abstract and/or artists statement to distribute to individuals interested in engaging with your work.



How will I know if my submission has won an award, and when will the Awards Ceremony be?

If your submission is recognized for its excellence, you will be notified in advance.  You and your work will be be highlighted on April 15 for science-related research and on April 16 for creativity-based research.