Share your work with the world.

The undergraduate bioethics research showcase at Georgetown University is a juried exhibition of student work in a variety of categories and disciplines, reflecting the intersection of the many topics in the ethics of health, the environment, and emerging technologies that comprise the field of bioethics.

The showcase is scheduled for April 15-16, 2015, a date chosen to coincide with two other on-campus research symposia (the Georgetown Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Georgetown Undergraduate Research Conference), with the expectation that some students will show their work in multiple venues. Prizes will be awarded (first place: $500, second: $250, third: $100) for outstanding student research.

Generously funded by a grant from the Mary Elizabeth Groff Surgical Medical Research and Education Charitable Trust, our first year will bring together faculty and students from across campus to nurture and celebrate undergraduate research in many disciplines.